7 Pages 1922 Words Network Design And Implementation Of Secure E-Commerce Network

| June 1, 2019


The main object behind making this project is:
•    To get an idea on establishing and designing of e-commerce network.
•    To analyse the checks before the installation we need to go through while designing a network.
•    To understand the requirements of network for a reliable and better connections.
•    Understand the network design and implement a network accordingly.
•    To establish the security features to protect the network from unwanted or unauthorised persons or users.
1.2    Assumptions and Limitations:

To make this project, we are going to make some assumptions such as:
•    We are going to use cisco router packet to design and understand the corporate network. The information we will get from here will be assumed as an accurate and valid for this project.
•    The information we obtained from literature review part and previous studies will be assumed as an accurate and relevant to the topic.
•    There will be some limitations while making this project. Such as, limitation of time
•    To understand the topic, we are going to visit some small building networks or small business network, we can stuck in traffic during the travelling.
1.3    Resource required:

•    To establish the corporate network, we are going to use Cisco router packet. With this help of this, we can design the network.
•    We required the access points, modem and switches for the implementation of network.
•    We required some network security tools such as firewall to make a network more secure.

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