7 Pages 1783 Words Consumer Behaviour

| March 17, 2019

This project will require students to analyze consumer behaviour elements and apply them to an existing product in the market place. You will be required to apply concepts learned from our course, including your readings to show evidence of your learning throughout the semester. Project Details Analyze Apple’s iPhone X in this report. (https://www.apple.com) In a formal report: 1. Describe the marketing mix- product and product elements (features, design, packaging, labelling etc.), distribution, price and promotional strategy. 10 marks 2. Analyze the brand by applying four concepts or theories that you have learned in this course. The analysis should include a brief explanation of the Consumer Behaviour concept, as well as detail on how the brand/product applies these concepts or theories and whether or not in your opinion it is effective. Each concept explanation and application should be 1- 1.5 pages to ensure adequate detail. 40 marks 3. Come up with two original marketing ideas/recommendations the company could implement to support their product/brand’s growth. Relate this idea back to a Consumer Behaviour element you learned about this semester, explain why your recommendations fit into these theories. Justify why your recommendation would be effective. 20 marks Format of Papers Your report should include the following: 1. A cover page 2. Table of contents. 3. A minimum of six pages (excluding appendices, title page, and table of contents), 12- point font, and 1.5 spaced. This is a business report so include all pertinent information, however, keep it concise. Do not write in the first-person narrative. 4. Be sure to cite your work using APA format. 5. Please be sure to include colour copies of any ads you include in your report

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