6 Pages 1744 Words Psychological Theory

| March 16, 2019

TASK 2 (1.1; 4.1; 5.1): Table – You need to complete table in the format specified (1500 words / +- 10%). Clearly identify symptoms of three disorders, and then – using psychological theory –  provide a detailed explanation relating to how they can occur. For example, how would behaviourism explain depression? Use a range of credible and academic sources (4.1) to illustrate key points made.
Referencing (5.1) – To meet this criterion you must complete a reference page using the Harvard system. To achieve higher grades, use a wide range of reliable and academic psychological sources and do not rely on websites alone. Refer to handouts and the UWE link on Moodle to help you with this. 

1.    Demonstrate knowledge of symptoms and explanations for a range of psychological disorders    
1.1    Discuss symptoms and explanations for a range of psychological disorders.
2.    Recognise key research in the study of psychological disorders    
2.1.   Evaluate key research in the study of psychological disorders.
3.    Understand relevant psychological terminology and concepts    
3.1.   Apply a range of psychological terminology and concepts accurately and appropriately in a range of contexts.
4.        Use psychological sources to substantiate arguments    
4.1. Apply relevant and credible psychological sources to support arguments.
5.    Record sources of information.
    5.1. Accurately use a standard form of referencing.

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