6 Pages 1710 Words SIT737 Service Oriented Architectures And Technologies

| March 17, 2019

1) Develop and test a web services based application that meets the following requirements by applying SOA design principles.
a) Basic requirements and assumptions
The application should be developed using the. NET-programming environment. However, if you wish to use another programming language you are comfortable with run it by the teacher first.
b) Requirements for your implementation
The system which you will implement: JG king home sale and vendor services which has been detailed in assignment-1. You have been assigned the responsibility to develop the software for “JG King home”
i) A possible architecture has been provided in figure at page-3. This type of architecture has been discussed in week-4 lecture, also students have completed practical tasks on related architecture. ii) Assignement-1 was a group assignment. However Assignment-2 is an individual assignment.
iii) Students are not required to implement the complete architecture. Individual student will implement only one task centric business service as mentioned in figure below at page-3 (task centric business service layer).
iv) Members of each group still share their analysis and design from assignment-1. In assignment-2 members of each group should implement different task centric services. Group members should not implement same task-centric services. (If you find difficulties, you need to consult with unit chair as soon as possible regarding this selection of services that you are implementing).
v) Your implementation of services from entity and application services layers should perform at least one operation when used in composition.

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