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| March 16, 2019

A situational analysis of Domestic violence with the protection and support of children at risk. Such an analysis would give a clear overview of how legislation is reflected in policy and practice and the possible ways in which agencies link with centres/schools in curriculum and pastoral support. 1. Select a topic, which may impact on students’ learning and wellbeing. Topics might include the following. Topic • Domestic Violence 2. Give a brief overview of the topic including: • Definitions & relevant statistics and source of statistics • Causes of issues/challenges/problems (if known) 3. Describe strategies that support children’s/students’ wellbeing and safety. Address the following. • How can you collaborate with others, e.g., parents/ carers, school/service counsellor and learning support staff, specialist services and the medical world to make sure you are providing the appropriate support strategies for children/students? • Provide quality examples of how you can adapt curriculum and teaching strategies for children/students and include relevant connections to legislative and policy requirements. • Include specific examples of particular legislation and policy you need to comply with that influences your practices when supporting children/students who have additional learning needs. Be specific, e.g., duty of care, anti-discrimination, Disability Standards. • Support your work with research and references relevant to the Australian context using APA referencing.

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