5 Pages 1441 Words Tools And Methodology

| May 16, 2019

Assessment task 2: Final Statement of Work A Statement of Work is a proposal document that a consultant seeking work might submit to a potential client. This is an individual assignment. Built on the Preliminary Statement of Work, the Final Statement of Work will be a detailed document containing material acquired through simulated stakeholder interviews and other information gathering techniques. The Final Statement of Work should comprise;  a comprehensive Problem Statement and Requirements Specification (including formal Stakeholder Assent),  a summary of Test Criteria necessary to ensure compliance with relevant standards,  an overview of technologies required for infrastructure, telecommunications, applications, and data,  a Project Management Plan and description of development Tools and Methodology. A table reflecting each member’s contribution to the project. The stated contributions should be backed up references to contributions in the group’s discussion forum on LEO. A template will be provided for the table, to highlight each member’s contribution in the project. Weighting: 50% Length and/or format: Maximum 12 pages. See details above. Purpose: To give students the opportunity to experience, and to demonstrate their project detailing capabilities relevant to, essential aspects of the work of an information technology professional. Learning outcomes assessed: #2.

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