5 Pages 1419 Words Bio Psychology Course Work

| March 17, 2019

Neurotransmitters play a vital role among the biological factors that contribute to human behavior, thinking and experience. It is suggested that normal levels and normal activity of neurotransmitters lead to normal behavior and experience while the abnormal levels and abnormal activity would lead to abnormal behavior and experience. However some psychologists criticize this biological model of human behavior saying it is too simple and neurotransmitters alone cannot explain complex human behaviors. 
Discuss and evaluate the role of two neurotransmitters in causing abnormal behavior and experience in humans. Your content and arguments should be supported by empirical evidence. 
Your answer should include a brief introduction, the two specific neurotransmitters selected for discussion, a details discussion with examples of the abnormal behaviors and/ or experience, empirical evidence supporting the examples, a critical evaluation of the content presented and the references. 
The essay should be 2000 words and the students should follow the standard format for assignments explained to them during the AWPS sessions. 
Plagiarism policy will be strictly implemented and the soft copies should be submitted via turitin. 
Marks will be deducted for 
Wrong format or referencing style 
Spelling & Grammar 
Errors in in text citation or references

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