5 Pages 1376 Words Business Communications

| March 17, 2019

A typical day of a manager includes doing desk work, attending scheduled meetings, placing and receiving telephone calls, reading correspondence, answering correspondence etc. All of these activities involve communication. In fact managers usually spend more than half of their time on forms of communication. Communication always involves two or more people, so other behavioral process such as motivation, managing and group / team processes all come into production. To be true leaders, top executives must handle communication effectively. You are requested to act either as an internal or external consultant to a firm of your choice or to the company where you currently work and consult a middle manager how to communicate effectively by formulating solutions for his managerial skills’ development. Tasks: Interview a local middle- manager to determine a) what forms of communication are used in his/her organization. b) Identify his/her lacks and c) recommend him/her how to get developed and improved as a manager regarding his communication skills. You must provide the interview questionnaire as appendix. You may include no more than 6-8 close or open-ended questions. Make sure you read carefully the provided reading materials. You may use text citation / references in order to support your discussion. Do not forget to follow the APA Referencing Style.

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