5 Pages 1344 Words Social Relationships

| March 16, 2019

Font and spacing: Times New Roman (12 point); spacing 1.5 References and citations: APA Style A Question 1: we decided to study psychology. Apply theories of motivation to explain your decision. (60 marks) Question 2: Explain the development of your own gender roles and social relationships during your childhood, adolescent, and adulthood years. (40 marks) B Question 1: You have learnt of Baumrind’s four (4) parenting styles. Now, you are required to interview at least three (3) parents, three (3) teenagers and three (3) grandparents. a) Based on the perspectives of your respondents, which of the parenting style is the best? b) Which of the parenting style is the worst from your respondents’ perspectives? Discuss. c) Do you agree with your respondents’ perspectives? Why? (60 marks) Question 2: Self-concept is one of the essential components in adolescent development. a) Discuss the importance of self-concept. b) Suggest ways to develop adolescents’ positive self-concept from the psychological perspective. (40 marks) C Question 1: Discuss the following approaches in Psychology: a. Psychodynamic b. Behaviorist c. Cognitive d. Socio-cultural e. Humanistic (40 marks) Question 2: Explain the ways the brain interprets external stimuli. Provide relevant examples to illustrate your answer. (60 marks)

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