5 Pages 1309 Words Business Methodology

| March 16, 2019

Introduction(200 words) -short term memory-articles on memory recall -proactive& retroactive interference -find similar experiments-compare& discuss result review -find studies that support & contradict results fustify why carrying out experiment &hypothesis -repeated learning facilates improved recall -new info interferes with old information -old information interferes with new info (9-8 references) Methodology (300-500 words) -describe how carried the experiement out ( the lecturer called out about names first and time and we had to listen and remember them name called out. and he called again the second time and we had to remember all) -describe participants ( other students in the class room listening) -describe exact stages (very detailed) (I WAS ABSENT FROM CLASS ON THAT DAY SO PLEASE MAKE ANYTHING UP RELATING TO THE EXPERIMENT) RESUTLT–( I HAVE ATTACHED RESULT SHEET TO THE FILE PLEASE FILL IT IN) DISCUSSION 500-800 words) -reject/ accept hypothesis -interpret findings -apply to real world -problem with research method( tone, lighting,temp) -apply it to college-similar classes should be on same day.could not use our class data what further research are out there REFERENCING (APA REFERENCING STYLE) ABSTRACTS – 2 sentences for each section -concise description

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