| February 7, 2016

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Many people in our society and the world today indicate that the life and teachings of Jesus Christ are outdated and irrelevant for life in a Post-Modern world. The purpose of this assignment is for the student to research what scholars and others are saying or not saying about the practical application of Christ’s teachings in the world today as it is being communicated in the media through such sources as the television, Internet new agencies, local newspapers, magazines, journals, and other religious and secular sources, and how it applies to the study of this course.
Assignment Requirements:

Seek out a Current Affairs (2005 – 2015) topic of interest that is related to the study of this course using one (1) of the different resources listed above and write a 1-3 page review and analysis that will include the following components:

· Provide all of the required bibliographical material and citations for locating the source including title, resource, date of publication, publisher if known, website, and date of retrieval, etc..

· Summarize the main content of the article or event and how it is related to the course of study.

· Provide details as to why you selected the article and what you found of interest as to why you did or did not like the article.

· What new insights did you discover about the teachings of Jesus? What was the author seeking to accomplish with the information? How might this current event provide practical insight into your faith life or that of someone else?

· Be sure to use good grammar, writing skills, and include direct quotes and citations as required for all essays at this level of education.

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