4 Pages 1119 Words Business Research Evidence

| March 17, 2019

TOPIC : Evaluate nativist theory of language acquisition pioneered by Noam Chomsky with contemporary research evidence. REFERENCES : Harvard Coventry — Not Harvard Students are required to describe Chomsky’s view of innate human ability to learn language and language Acquisition Device (LAD). This can be accompanied by other nativist theories as well. Students should evaluate nativist theories with the use of alternative perspectives e.g. behaviorist theory of language acquisition and most importantly research evidence. You will be assessed for arguments you have brought up in your answer, being critical of the content you have covered, up to date research evidence you have provided, the coherence you have maintained throughout the answer and the completeness of work. The essay should be 2500 words and the students should follow the standard format for assignments explained to them during the AWPS sessions. Plagiarism policy will be strictly implemented and the soft copies should be submitted via turitin. Marks will be deducted for Wrong format or referencing style Spelling & Grammar

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