4 Pages 1110 Words Impact Of Business Management

| March 16, 2019

A 2000 coursework essay on – gambling addiction on adults 1) Include a clear introduction, defining the clinically relevant client group or population chosen and an overview of the components to be discussed. 2) Outline the potential psychological needs of the chosen client group/population in relation to the impact of / management of the clinically relevant topic area 3) Critically evaluate the extent to which psychological theory can be applied to address the psychological needs of the chosen client group, at least two different theoretical constructs. E.g Lotus of control / attachment theory / self-actualization / social cognitive theory or a whole range to choose from. (minimum 2) 4) Critically evaluate the contribution of theory to aiding to our understanding of the clinical experience. 5) Include a clear conclusion which restates the topic and summaries the main points and debates raised in the essay, suggests what remains need to be done / areas researchers or practitioners should focus on in the future. ( eg. evidence – based, limitation/efficiency or integrated by (ellen cook).

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