4 Pages 1101 Words Establish And Confirm The Counselling Relationship

| March 16, 2019

You will need to complete the work book as per the description given in the work book for each question.you should be able to find all the information in the reading book. If you struggle to find the information, please know that it is a community based organisation that work with refugees. you can use the link of the organisation given above to research for more information.


Discover how to use a structured approach to counselling,
 Know how to establish the nature of the helping relationship,
Learn how to confirm the helping relationship,
Gain skills and knowledge required for this unit.
1. Use a structured approach to counselling
1.1. Analyse existing client information prior to commencement of counselling session
1.2. Use initial session to gather additional client information as a foundation for counselling process
1.3. Select and use communication techniques that support the initial counselling session objectives
1.4. Follow a structured approach to counselling based on client needs and expectations

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