4 Pages 1092 Words Ideological Business

| March 16, 2019

8 page apa paper on mindfulness theory practice. the paper need to address the following questions : 1- what is the guiding metaphor for the theory under discussion ? 2-what are the socio- cultural context within which the theory under discussion? 3- what are the principal assumptions about human -nature/experience (ontology) and ways in which knowledge arises (epistemology) contained within the theory? 4-what is the theory of change : how do psychological problems develop and how are they resolved with the perspective offered by this theory? 5-what sociocultural, historical theory and /or ideological contexts are relevant to the development of this theory? 6-to what extent is the theory take into account ideas and practices realting to social justice , anti-oppressive , anti, homophobic , and non- pathologizing forms of marginalization and exclusion 7-does the theory address the question of human “agency” and agentive self? 8-what does the theory say about the relationship of how therapist client/ relationship use their expertise , lived experience , and social power?

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