4 Pages 1085 Words Psychophysiology Project Report: Sleep Disorders

| March 16, 2019

Background  /15    Is historical and clinical context for this disorder well described?
Clinical/Behavioural Features   /5    Are the symptoms clearly described?
Diagnostic Features  /10    How does the doctor make the diagnosis?  What tests are done?  What are the criteria?  What are the signs of the disorder? Has all of these points been clearly described?
Epidemiology   /10     Has the prevalence, age, sex, race/ethnicity be described?
Pathophysiology   /15    Has the cause of the disorder been explored and most common causes described? Have mechanisms been addressed?
Treatment    /10    Have the treatments been described and evaluated?
Implications   /20    Have the implications of the disorder for health, wellbeing and safety been addressed clearly?
Accuracy   /5    Are the details about the disorder accurate?

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