4 Pages 1002 Words Development Psychology

| March 16, 2019

Develop your discussion by dealing with the following points (you can remove the headings and develop different points – the discussion is entirely based on what YOU find):

1 – Did your results support the findings from previous studies? (i.e. children < 18 months fail and > 18 months pass the RT) – describe and comment briefly.

2 – How was YOUR inter-observer agreement? if high / low, what does this mean? comment in function of the reliability of the coding scheme used and / or of the novice observer.

3 – Did all the rouge-related behaviors in the coding scheme work well for you? were some codes more difficult to use and why? anything you would change, add or eliminate  in the coding scheme?

4 – Do you think there were issues of general experience with toddlers? and what about the experience of being a novice observer.

5 –  Any other considerations/aspects?

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