3832– week 1 homework – A particularly rare aqua orchid species

| August 31, 2017

3832– week 1 homework
Keep your responses reasonable… usually a few sentences will get the job done.

A particularly rare aqua orchid species is obviously in high demand. As a budding botanist, you’ve decided to
purchase an aqua orchid online that was promised to generate all aqua offspring when mated with other orchids
of any color. So, based on this information, what can you tell me about the aqua allele? What can you also tell
me about the genotype of this rare plant that you’ve ordered?

You want to determine if a novel phenotype you’re seeing in your Drosophila flies is due to a single nucleotide
polymorphism. Which of the genetics techniques we discussed in class would be BEST for testing your
hypothesis? Briefly explain.

So, my youngest son looks quite honestly nothing like me or my husband/baby daddy. But he does look a lot like
my mom (I’m, phenotypically, a female version of Papa Beck). Using your awesome knowledge of meiosis,
explain how this could have happened.

Some oat plants produce higher levels of xylitol than others. The ability to produce a lot of xylitol is recessive.
You’ve decided to cross a plant that is a low xylitol producer with one that is a high xylitol producer. What you
find is that about half of the offspring are high xylitol producers. Define some alleles and tell me what the
genotypes are for each of these parents.

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