3 Pages 934 Words Criminal Justice System

| March 16, 2019

Conduct an extensive literature review and write an essay in APA-Style. The overall topic of this assessment is: Restorative Justice and its application in the criminal justice system. It is advised that you follow these steps in your preparation: a. Read widely about restorative justice, including its applications in Australia, and choose ONE of the following topics: ~ Restorative justice and its application with youth. ~ Methods and practices of restorative justice. ~ Restorative justice: strengths and critiques. ~ The use of restorative justice in a specific population. ~ Restorative justice in Australia. b. Conduct an extensive literature search and review the relevant literature for the specific topic you have selected. c. Reflect on the materials you have read. d. Formulate the structure of your essay. e. Consult (with Jen) if you need help with your essay. f. Write the essay in APA-style format (see below).

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