3 Pages 876 Words Business Ethics

| March 16, 2019

You are required to conduct a 15- minute ‘mock’ counselling session with a ‘student client’. Ensure that ethical guidelines such as informed consent (permission for recording the session) are followed. This recording will be submitted in the form of a transcript (written dialogue) with details of observations, such as non- verbal cues in brackets. In your essay that includes the above transcript, you are required to: 1. Define the term, ‘counselling’ (support from research) 2. Identify ‘five’ relevant counselling skills that a trained counsellor should possess. 3. Reflect on application of these skills in he mock counselling session to demonstrate critical awareness of your thoughts and feelings. 4.Identify ‘five’ personal limitation faced when applying these skills during the mock counselling session to demonstrate honest introspection and self- awareness.

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