3 Pages 834 Words Critical Review Letter

| March 17, 2019

Write a critical review letter to the author or the editor of the publication (you will have to address the letter to the author/editor), detailing your critique of the article, and justifying your opinions, with reference to both the material covered in Module 1 of this subject, and to the relevant academic literature (at least 3 academic sources). Make sure your response is engaging, well-informed, and analytic – increase your chances of your response being published! Remember to attach your chosen article as an appendix to the critical response paper, so that we can see the original author’s work. open this to check the module 1 to 6) hon right hand side you can see” Activities” under that ther is one option name “resources” click on resources and scroll down four times ylou can see module work shop 1 to 6.

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