21st Century Marketing

| February 11, 2016

21st Century Marketing

Criteria for Assignment
Question to answer:
The question to answer is comprised of THREE subjects which have to be LINKED. I will state the topics below and allow Writer to compose an articulated question (First Class question), in his/her expertise, to answer using the below criteria. The topics are:
• Researching the future: whatever next?
• What’s the point of Marketing anyway?
• Social Marketing to the Baby Boomers
• Social Media Returns on Investment: what is the value of a Facebook like?
• Sponsorship
• Can Marketing ever be ethical
• Challenges of a Digital Start-up
• Brand Challenges
• Social Entrepreneurship in Action
• Mobile Digital Marketing
• Career Challenges/Employment Opportunities in Marketing

Mandatory Inclusions and Instructions:
• A bibliography comprising of all literature reviewed to compile argument, including those winch have not been referenced in the text

• Produce a thorough bibliography, comprising of distinguished sources, to prove your use of extensive research material. Ensure that your presentation style is discursive and clear. Avoid gimmicky devices that do not add to your arguments

• Ensure you have selected 3 topic areas that will provide an opportunity to examine, compare and contrast the linkages between those subjects

• Create your main arguments or debate issues with bullet points or headings. For example Compare and contrast the different arguments or aspects of the topics and build a coherent argument in support of your position

• Support your argument with examples of current practise and theory ensuring that you are even handed in the review of available materials

• Gather the specific data you need and analyse your materials in line with your actual objective/question.

• Construct the main part of the presentation with a strong conclusion determining that your objective has been met with great adequacy

• Determine you’re your own analysis and evaluation (of course in the third person). There should be more content analysing/evaluating than describing.

• Prove and reference ALL points

• Must compose at LEAST 2 illustrative data graphs strengthening arguments

• Purchased slide quantity excludes free bibliography and title page but not restricted to 8

• Minimum 25references from distinguished sources INCLUDING marketing theories and tools:

– 5 – journal articles
– 5 – textbooks
– 5 – Mixture of statistics and illustrative graphs
– 10 – from writer’s choice

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