2 Separate Questions (Not a Paper)

| September 16, 2020

 A theory has been advanced for what is called “Disaster Diplomacy.”  Its premise is that international disaster response can be a form of diplomacy.  Its primary feature is that disaster aid can serve to overcome political differences and create an atmosphere of cooperation between countries that previously were adamantly opposed on most issues.  Do you feel this is a realistic concept?  Or is it idealistic wishful thinking that, at best, produces only temporary, transitory benefits? 400 words with references

one a separate page question 2 
 A derivative of the “Disaster Diplomacy” concept holds that debt forgiveness is an increasingly important element in US foreign assistance policy that can influence foreign government behavior.  The theory is that countries facing an “unsustainable debt burden which cannot be managed with traditional means” should either have their debt forgiven or be given low-interest loans to reduce their debt payment levels.  Critics assert that this rewards poor and/or corrupt management and provides an incentive for countries to default.  What do you think?  400 words and references  

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