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| February 25, 2017

DISCUSSION BOARD 1111111111111111111111


Using the Hofstede national management dimensions of culture, you will conduct and discuss a comparative analysis of 3 foreign nations and the USA.

The Discussion Board Forum assignment consists of 2 parts.


Your instructor will provide a list of nations for this Discussion Board Forum. After reviewing the provided list of nations, select the 3 foreign nations you wish to compare national management dimensions with the USA and post a thread reserving the nations you select. Be sure to check the Discussion Board area prior to posting your reservation to ensure no one else has reserved those 3 nations. In the event any of the nations you wish to explore is already reserved by someone else, simply move on to another nation on the list. Duplicate postings will not earn credit under any circumstance (this includes posting work submitted in a previous course). Do not ask the instructor to accept a duplicate posting as this is not fair to those who followed these explicit directions. Be sure to include the names of the 3 nations you selected in your Discussion Board Forum subject line. Submit your selected 3 nations by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Tuesday of Module/Week 5.

After you have successfully reserved the 3 nations that interest you the most, compare the dimensions of national management cultures with the Hofstede dimensions of management cultures identified in the USA.

Your thread must be placed in the Discussion Board text box and adhere precisely to the following headings and format:

SECTION I: Dimensions of Management Culture Comparison Chart (refer to http://geert-hofstede.com/the-hofstede-centre.html).


Nation 1

Nation 2

Nation 3







SECTION 2: Analysis of Section I Results

In your own words, provide and answer to each of the following questions:

1. How do the dimensions of management culture of the 3 foreign nations differ from each other?

2. How do the dimensions of management culture of the 3 foreign nations differ from the USA?

3. How are the dimensions of management culture of the 3 foreign nations similar to each other?

4. How are the dimensions of management culture of the 3 foreign nations similar to the USA?

Submit Discussion Board Forum 5 – Thread by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5.


Additionally, you will be required to post substantive written replies to at least 2 other students’ threads. Exceeding the threshold requirement (minimum required substantive replies) will result in a higher score while posting the minimum number of required substantive replies will result in a minimal passing score. This means that, if you post 2 good substantive replies, you can expect a grade of “B-” and, if you post 3 or more quality substantive replies, you can earn an “A-.”


DISCUSSION BOARD 2222222222222222


What suggestions would you have for improving media relations at Coors?

For each Discussion Board Forum, the following headers must include the following:


Write out the Case Study name and question which you have chosen to answer.


You are required to conduct research using the Liberty University Online Library to respond to each question. By using the resources available on the Liberty University Online Library site, you will find 3 articles by 3 different authors to answer the question chosen. All of the articles must have been published within the past 5 years. An answer to the question must be based upon a full analysis of the research and must be fully grounded in the research. Compare and contrast the 3 articles you researched, all of which must be utilized in your answer.

Your submission should be formatted in a modified (for Discussion Boards) APA format, written in third person, and it should include only primary research (from academic/peer-reviewed journals). Refer to the APA Manual for formatting guidelines. Please note that some formatting (e.g., line spacing, indentation, margins) in your original document may be compromised when you copy and paste your text into the Discussion Board. You will not be penalized for these changes. You will, however, be held accountable for your grammar, capitalization, punctuation, citations, and references.

Suggestions of online journals are the Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management Studies, etc.

This section of the posting should be 350–450 words.

Biblical integration:

Provide integration of a biblical concept that supports the answer to the Case Study question.


Using current APA format, list all references used in the response.

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