2 assignment follow direction just 100-150 words only no references

| June 8, 2016

Moral Neutrality

Choose and respond to one of the following questions:
Question A

Using two concepts from the reading (e.g. polypotency, artifact/idea, STS, etc…), critique the myth of moral neutrality of technology. Provide some reasons to the effect that technological development can be morally good or bad.
Question B

Do you think that the ties between social circumstances and technology, thoroughly discussed in the readings, should be a part of the definition of “technology?” Why or why not?

Number 2 please separate

Philosophy of Science & Technology
Traditional Resources

Please choose and respond to one of the following questions:
Question A

This week we explored ways in which the traditional resources can be applied to problems raised by technological development. Pick two such resources (deontological views of obligation, consequentialist views, views of human nature, moral agency, etc…) and describe how our authors thought it “fell short” when applied to technological development.
Question B

Address the tension between a “new humility” and the desire to pursue utopian visions enabled by development. How should we respond to such visions? What moral values or virtues are being pursued?

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