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| March 17, 2019

Step 1.      
Downland and read the current MacVille Policy and procedures identifying any of those related to sustainability.

Step 2.      Download a copy of the MacVille Business Documents – Excel Expense Report – Resources Extract and MacVille Organisational Chart, which will help you fill in the required ‘MacVille Sustainable Practices Report’.

Step 3.      Open and save a copy of the  ‘BSBUS501 – Assessment Task 2 Template’

Step 4.      Using the Template fill in all the required information identifying future sustainable policies that need to be developed. You will need to refer to MacVille Business Documents to help you answer some of these questions. In this template you will be demonstrating your understanding of why sustainability policies are necessary at MacVille.

Step 5.      Save your file as ‘BSBUS501 – Assessment Task 2_yourname. (e.g. BSBSUS501 – Assessment Task 2_BillySmith.)

Step 6.      Upload your completed assessment Task 2 file along with your completed ‘Proposed new policy and procedure’ for new policy to Connect.

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