| March 17, 2019

To prepare for this Assignment: Follow these steps
Step 1
• Use the five research articles and/or reports given 

Step 2 
•  Use keynote program in apple computer or power point 

Step 3
• Critically review five research articles given. Make sure to include the following for each article: (total- 5 introductions, 5 summmaries, 5 conclusions and 5 articulate findings/envision
1.    Introduction (explain the topic [eg, intervention, name of the article]) 
2.    Summary (summary of key points) 
3.    Critique (evaluation of the strengths, weakness and notable features of the assessment and intervention practice) 
4.    Conclusion (your overall opinion of the assessment and intervention practices and suitability for an Early Childhood setting) 
5.    Articulate how findings from the research are suitable for your current or future Early Childhood practice, and explain why or how you envision using something similar for learners you are likely to teach. 

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