13 Pages 3428 Words Project Management Plan

| May 16, 2019

Your task for this assignment Your initial task is to carry out a survey of the literature* on projects as complex adaptive systems to inform your review. You are looking for contemporary and seminal literature on this topic projects as complex adaptive systems which is relevant to the sector of your organisation/project types. In the format of a report, you will discuss this literature*, considering its strengths, weaknesses and relevance to your organisation’s projects. Also in the report you will make a recommendation on how the literature* on the topic can inform the organisation on its deliver approach to managing projects. For example, would the nature of the project work suit a more structured or flexible approach? The total length of your assignment 1 is to be approx. 2000 words. Please follow general formatting guidelines as outlined in the Communication Skills Handbook (Summers & Smith 2014). Remember that the assignments in the project management courses require referencing to use Harvard AGPS6 formatting and not APA. Using the incorrect referencing format could lose marks. Report structure For assignment 1, provide the following: Mark sheet/rubric (see separate mark sheet and rubric) Report cover sheet Executive summary (200 – 300 words – not included in word count) Table of contents, List of Tables (if required), List of Figures (if required) 1. Introduction (150 words) Introduce the purpose of your report and its structure. 2. Organisational context (200 words) In this section, describe the organisational and project context for which you are preparing the report. You can base this on a PMO with which you have experience, or on a case study taken from the literature. Include details such as the type of projects, types of problems being experienced etc. Specify whether this report applies to all projects in the organisation, a type of project in the organisation, or a specific project. 3. Literature review (900 words) You can support your literature review with tables and figures. Summarise, compare and contrast the literature* you have found which is relevant to these topics and the domain of the organisation/project/projects. Ensure you justify your choice of literature* (e.g. its legitimacy, date of publication, whether it has been peer-reviewed, and whether there is research supporting the concept or argument). 4. Recommendations (500 words) Based on your review of the literature, suggest the delivery approach that should be used by the organisation’s projects (or specific project). Justify your recommendation – what are the expected benefits from adopting the recommendations. You can support your recommendation with tables and figures to justify your selection and/or to demonstrate the use of the recommended tool or process. 5. Conclusions (150 words) Summarise your findings (i.e. what did you discover from conducting the literature review?). Reference List *Literature means peer-reviewed journal articles and academic book chapters. IMPORTANT: The focus of this assignment is on demonstrating an ability to find, summarise and discuss high quality and relevant literature. This is not a critical analysis as you are not comparing the project’s actual processes to the literature. You are simply reviewing relevant literature for what may be useful to the organisational/project. Assignment 2 is a critical analysis.

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