13 Pages 3394 Words Stress Testing Of Organisational Procurement Process

| May 16, 2019

Choose one micro-enterprise with physical location in Melbourne. and need to get information procurement process of that enterprise. and stress testing in format as I showed below. Details are here. I. Introduction II. Comparative Profiles of the OrganisationS a. Brief description micro-businesses (Type of organisation, product, market, etc. b. Identify the position of the organisations in the supply chain(for example, are they a retailer, wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer?) of at least two major products they purchased. iii. Comparative (compare the similarities and/or differences) Procurement Processes: The discussion should follow the items listed at “Exhibit 2.3 – captioned “Procure to Pay” at p. 51 of your recommended textbook Elaborate on the item of “Supplier identification/selection” process in your selected organisations in the light of applicable items of Exhibit 2.10 captioned “Fedex Sourcing Process” (p. 84) in your recommended textbook. (Both are posted for your convenience IV. Stress Testing of Organisational Procurement Process. a. In the context of any of the organisations for this assignment, explore the first four risk categories such as Disruptions, Delays, Systems or Information Processinglisted in a table under Stress Testing Your Supply Chain at page 57 of Chopra and Sodhi (2004). b. For each of the above four risk categories identify at least one factor such as Supplier-Related or Internal or Customer­ Related, concerning one of your organisations for this assignment. c. Discuss the mitigation approach and tailored strategies (alternative ways to eliminate, reduce or manage the risks) for each category of risk that you have identified. Refer to the Table “Tailoring Reserves for Risk Mitigation” at page 60 and “Assessing the Impact of Various Mitigation Strategies” at page 55 for further guidance. d. The following table format may be helpful for you to report your summary of findings. However, make sure you discuss the items (of your dot points) listed in the table. Sample Table for Reporting Summary of Findings of Stress Testing Nature of your chosen Organisation: (Mention basic function such as Vegetable retailer, Pharmacy, Grocery shop) Risk Categories Disruptions Delays Systems Information Processing Describe the risk(s) that you have identified against one of the following factors: – Supplier related or – Internal or – Customer Related (Use dot points) Your Suggested Mitigation Strategy(s) (Use dot points) V.Conclusion – Reference Select micro-enterprises with a physical location in your city of current residence (For example, students in Melbourne are required to research on small or micro-businesses operating in Melbourne). –Each member may find a couple of possible enterprises and propose to the group. However, the group will take the ultimate decision to choose the three enterprises for research. –Choose microenterprises that buy goods and not part of a chain or have any branch. You may experience difficulties in obtaining data from larger enterprises or enterprises based on services only. –Select enterprises in which you will have someone in the managerial capacity will agree to talk to you and provide necessary information. Do not use information available on company websites or use as minimal as possible. Information supplied via public domain may not reflect reality.

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