13 Pages 3374 Words Research Paper / Essay

| March 16, 2019

Option 1 – Research Paper / Essay Students will be required to choose and respond to one of the questions/topics listed below in the form of an essay or research paper. File must be in Word format, and it must not be corrupted. No other format will be accepted. If your essay cannot be opened, this may be counted as a non-submission. Student name and the question/topic chosen must be on the filename and at the top of your paper. Questions/Topics: Examine a political leader of your choice, and their time in office, and explain why you believe this leader was particularly successful or unsuccessful (referring to electoral success and/or their ability to enact specific policies). This should use the theories covered in this unit (particularly the week on leadership, but also others). This can include political leaders currently in office. Some claim that ideology is in the past. Is ideology still relevant in mature liberal democracies such as Australia? Discuss with reference to theories covered in the unit. Analyse one particular case of prejudice or group conflict (such as attitudes towards asylum seekers in Australia, or genocide in Rwanda) and apply what you have learnt through the readings and lectures to provide an explanation of these events. This should include a theoretical basis as well as evidence to support your claims. In countries without compulsory voting, voter turnout is a critically important variable in electoral outcomes. Appealing to the psychology of political participation and other theories covered in this unit, discuss why people participate in politics and the ways in which potential voters can be mobilised to vote. This can be a general discussion or a specific plan of action, and can be from the perspective of a particular political party or from a government level. Protest has been an issue of increasing importance in global politics, particularly over the last decade. Appealing to theories from the unit and real world examples, explain how and why people make (or made) the decision to protest. This can be a general discussion or a case study of a specific protest movement. Word limit: 2000 (± 10%) Criteria for marking: Essay directly addresses the question / Research paper clearly addresses the topic; Essay contains a clear argument / Research paper makes clear claims; The argument or discussion is supported by evidence, and does not rely on supposition or conjecture; Use of critical thinking and analysis is evident; There is evidence of wide reading from the scholarly literature (i.e. academic books and academic journal articles). This requires a minimum of 8 academic references, at least 4 of which must not be sourced from the unit readings. The reference count does not include non-academic sources (such as articles from the media), which may also be used to support the paper’s argument. There is no maximum number of references that can be used, but Wikipedia, other encyclopaedias, non-authoritative source and lecture notes are not permitted; Paper is well expressed, organised and structured (i.e., clear introduction and conclusion, with coherent paragraphs linked through the body of the paper); Paper is referenced correctly using APA; Within 2000 word limit (±10%), exclusive of bibliography; Paper is properly formatted (including name and question clearly listed).

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