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| March 16, 2019

Critical Evaluation 50% 1500 – 2000 words Purpose: Over the course of Narrative Therapy, students are introduced to new skills particular to this model. For this assignment, students are asked to identify and evaluate narrative therapy interventions in a 30 minute segment of a video recording of a session conducted by a narrative therapist. Students are asked to select from one of two video links provided, and take note of how the counsellor works, how the client responds, and evaluate how interventions are effective or ineffective. . • Narrative therapy with children (Presented by Stephen Madigan, in Child Therapy with the Experts, 18 (Mill Valley, CA: Psychotherapy.net, 2002), 34 mins) word document of transcript is provided Take notes during the session on effective and ineffective interventions, client responses, and the genuineness and authenticity of the counsellor. Write a critical evaluation of the narrative therapy session, providing examples from the session citing the transcripts provided, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the model in practice, and discuss any ethical and professional issues that might be identified. The evaluation should include integration of relevant academic literature, concepts and theory. Your critical evaluation should include • an overview of the session • a description of the narrative interventions, client and counsellor responses using verbatim examples • discussion and evaluation of client and counsellor responses and the effectiveness of narrative interventions • identification of strengths and limitations of the narrative therapy model in practice • identification and discussion of any ethical and professional issues arising in the session and how these were addressed • reference to academic literature to support the evaluation Most References provided please use it Marking Criteria – Critical Evaluation Content 1. Overview of the session provided 2. Description of the narrative interventions, client and counsellor responses 3. Evaluation of the application of narrative therapy skills using examples from the session 4. Evaluation of effectiveness of interventions 5. Evaluation of counsellor genuineness/authenticity 6. Identification of strengths and limitations of the model in practice 7. Identification of any aspects of ethical practice arising during the session and how these were addressed 8. Reference to academic literature to support the evaluation Structure, Presentation and Referencing 1. Main ideas clearly and logically presented 2. Relevant research and scholarship literature used appropriately to support claims 3. Correct academic writing style used, including correct spelling, grammar and punctuation 4. Presentation guidelines followed as specified in the learning support website (http://learningsupport.acap.edu.au) and first/ third person writing style is applied where relevant 5. In-text referencing and reference list follows APA referencing style (6th ed.) as set out in the APA website: http://www.apastyle.org/ 6. Word count is within + or – 10% of requirement

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