10 Pages 2620 Words Architecture, Engineering And Construction

| May 16, 2019

 The purpose of this assignment is to:  
Enable you application of your critical analysis attributes and demonstrate your understanding of strategic, tactical and operational challenges facing modern project management (PM) profession within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry Provide evidence of your ability to review   and   evaluate various   organisational structures forming project environment of a complex (international) construction project    
ASSUMPTION: 1 You are required to assume that you have been appointed the Project Manager [PMgr] in charge of a project team working on construction of a shed at 94 Western Beach Road in Geelong, Victoria 3220, [94WBR-shed project].  The scope of this project includes some minor demolition works in the backyard and construction of a large shed on the property. Design documentation (standard 2D and the BIM model) and basic project information are provided in the unit’s CloudDeakin site [94WBR-shed project folder].  2 The unit academic team (your client) assumes that in your professional career, you have been involved in numerous projects, and the projects were successfully delivered; ei., to expectations of all stakeholders, to client’s specified quality, within specified environmental constraints of the project including meeting safety standards and efficient use of resources, etc.  The unit academic team (your client) also assumes that you are continuously reflecting on your professional career and document lessons learnt from your past projects and as such apply them together with your relevant expertise/attributes in planning of the 94WBR-shed project.  
Based on the above assumptions, supported by basic research if needed and your critical analysis of the 94WBR-shed project documentation your tasks are to: 
1. Document strategic and operational challenges of the 94WBR-shed project in Geelong.  Distinguish between project specific, parent organisation (for example a builder if applicable), industry (AEC) and PM discipline challenges 2. Recommend feasible project team (organizational structure) for the 94WBR-shed project 3. Propose a feasible demolition-construction method for the 94WBR-shed project in Geelong.  Minor demolition and construction activities must be communicated in the project schedule/program style, preferably using MS Project. 4. Propose a draft version of the project management PLAN for the 94WBR-shed project in Geelong  

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