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| March 16, 2019

You are a school counsellor in ABC Junior College. You have been providing counselling to Joshua, male student for the past six months. He first presented himself for counselling as he was unable to manage the stress of the ‘A’ level examinations. In the past month, you have noticed that he started sharing with you on his poor body image, and how he thinks that he is fat, when he is slightly underweight. You decided to probe on his eating habits, and find that he may be suffering from Anorexia Nervosa (AN). He has agreed for you to speak to his parents on his struggles, as he comes from a very controlling environment. a) His parents come to see you in school; explain to them the clinical features of the eating disorder. In order to aid in his parent’s understanding, wherever possible, provide an example of the behaviour to explain the clinical features. (Your examples should be able to distinguish what is normal versusan excessive behaviour.) (16 Marks) b) After hearing your explanations, his parents were skeptical that Joshua may be suffering from an eating disorder. You decide to share with them on the potential medical consequences that he may experience. Provide a scripton how you would share the information with them gently. (18 marks) c) You managed to convince his parents to seek help; provide the appropriate referral (which professional/s he should consult) and the possible interventions for both Joshua and his parents. (6 marks) Question 2 (23 Marks) Psychiatrists and psychologists have speculated American President Donald Trump as a Narcissist. a) Based on media reports and policy changes he implemented since his inauguration in January 2017, provide three behaviours which led mental health professionals to speculate. In you answer, you are to provide real examples oractions taken that lend support to this possible hypothesis. (15 marks) b) What are some considerationswhen professionals diagnose an individualwith a personality disorder? (8 Marks) Question 3 (27 Marks) a) There are many myths with regard to insomnia; evaluate the following statements, with appropriate explanations tosupport your answers. Myth 1: The optimal amountof sleep is eight hours. Myth 2: Alcohol helps you sleep. Myth 3: Insomnia only affects people who are depressed or anxious. Myth 4: It is alright to lie in bed sleepless. Myth 5: As one grows older, one sleeps less. (20 Marks) b. Good sleep hygiene habits are important for individuals to maintain sleep routine. List seven principles that one can adopt to ensure a good night’s rest. (7 Marks)

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