10 Pages 2592 Words Business Reflective Essay

| March 17, 2019

Assignment 1: Reflective Essay
Purpose: The purpose of this Reflective Essay is to demonstrate the understanding of two developmental theories in relation to significant developmental events in the adult life of the student. 
Process: Write a reflective essay applying two developmental theories to significant aspects and stages of your own adult lives.  Analyse these selected developmental events through the lenses of two developmental theories presented in this unit, supporting the analysis with relevant references.  Some developmental theorists recommended for use in this assignment are: 
• Erik Erikson             • Jean Piaget             • Ivan Pavlov         
• John B. Watson         • Burrhus Frederic Skinner     • Albert Bandura 
• Lev Vygotsky             • Urie Bronfenbrenner         • Gilbert Gottlieb 
• John Bowlby             • Mary D. Salter Ainsworth     • Lawrence Kohlberg 
• James Marcia             • Dexter Dunphy         • Kim Bartholomew 
• Antonia Henderson         • Donald Dutton         • Robert Sternberg 
• Howard Gardner         • Betty Carter             • Monica McGoldrick 
   • Sandra Bem             • Leslie Gutman            • Colin Murray Parkes 
Your Reflective Essay will need to include: 
• Identifying the chosen significant developmental aspects and stages of your adult life 
• Identification of key aspects of each of the two major developmental theories 
• Analysis of the chosen developmental events with reference to two major developmental theories • Reflection on your personal responses and experiences in relation to these significant developmental aspects and stages 
• Reference to current literature and integration of relevant theory into your discussion

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