10 Pages 2536 Words Project Management Plan

| May 16, 2019

Assessment task 2: Final Statement of Work A Statement of Work is a proposal document that a consultant seeking work might submit to a potential client. This is an individual assignment. Built on the Preliminary Statement of Work, the Final Statement of Work will be a detailed document containing material acquired through simulated stakeholder interviews and other information gathering techniques. The Final Statement of Work should comprise; a comprehensive Problem Statement and Requirements Specification (including formal Stakeholder Assent)a summary of Test Criteria necessary to ensure compliance with relevant standards,  an overview of technologies required for infrastructure, telecommunications, applications and data,  a Project Management Plan and description of development Tools and Methodology. A table reflecting each member’s contribution to the project. The stated contributions should be backed up references to contributions in the group’s discussion forum on LEO. A template will be provided for the table, to highlight each member’s contribution in the project. Length and/or format: Maximum 12 pages. See details above. Purpose: To give students the opportunity to experience, and to demonstrate their project detailing capabilities relevant to, essential aspects of the work of an information technology professional. The Interview Process Interviewing stakeholders is one of the two principal means by which you can gather information relevant to your project (the other being the Standards and Guidelines referenced in the Inshore Insurance case study). The stakeholders you might interview are provided in the case study; such as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Corporate Services Manager, Claims Manager and so on. [Note that these roles will be played, as realistically as possible, by your teaching staff]. To make an appointment for an interview you need to contact the Personal Assistant (PA) to the CEO [the PA’s contact details will be provided shortly]. The PA will then attempt, on your behalf, to make arrangements for the interview. Note that a person you want to interview might be unavailable at a time convenient to you, and possibly might be unavailable at any time. Problems such as these are common in industry and it will be your responsibility to make alternative arrangements. Your initial interview with a person will be by telephone. Subsequent interviews might be by other means, depending on what arrangements you make in the initial interview.

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