1 What is the difference between physician-assisted suicide

| October 22, 2018

What is the difference between physician-assisted suicide (PAS) and euthanasia? (Points : 1)During PAS, patients end their own lives; during euthanasia, the doctor ends patients lives.During PAS, the doctor ends the patients lives; during euthanasia, patients end their own lives.During PAS, the doctor injects the drug to end the patients life; during euthanasia, the patient injects thedrug to end their own life.During PAS, the patient and the doctor cooperate to end the patients life; during euthanasia, patients endtheir own lives.None of the aboveQuestion 2. 2. Hospice care focuses on_____________ (Points : 1)minimizing patient suffering.primarily working with those who are going to die.giving humans a dignified death.all of the above.A and BQuestion 3. 3. A utilitarian might use which statement in an argument that supports the use of embryos in stem cellresearch? (Points : 1)The harm caused to the embryos outweighs the good that comes from the research.There would be greater overall happiness from the cures that emerge out of the research than the harmdone to the embryos.Life is better for women when they have to make decisions about what to do with frozenembryos.2FOOD DESERTOverall happiness is not important in evaluating the issue.None of the aboveQuestion 4. 4. People who work in the field of mental health__________________ (Points : 1)may reveal information in cases where the patient intends bodily harm to another person.may never reveal confidential information.ought to never reveal any information.may not reveal information about diseases that could be used to inflict pain on another person.none of the aboveQuestion 5. 5. The relativist would agree with which statement about stem cell research? (Points : 1)It should not be practiced.It should be practiced in places where people believe that life begins when an egg isfertilized.It should not be practiced in places where people do not consider fetuses living beings.The social context and laws determine where and when this research is acceptable.All of the aboveQuestion 6. 6. Viability is the term used to define a fetus__________ (Points : 1)first movement.developed body.odds of survival outside the womb.reaction to pain.birth.3FOOD DESERTQuestion 7. 7. Which company recruited homeless people to test its drugs? (Points : 1)PfizerEli LillySmithKline BeechamMerckNone of the aboveQuestion 8. 8. What is one of the most fundamental questions in the issue of whether or not one can ethically usestem cells from embryos for research? (Points : 1)How many embryos are there?What is the dividing time for cells in an embryo?From whom did the embryo emerge?When does life begin in an embryo?None of the aboveQuestion 9. 9. How long was Terri Schiavo in a persistent vegetative state before the decision was made by herhusband to remove her feeding tube? (Points : 1)1 year4 years6 years8 years10 yearsQuestion 10. 10. What is the best way to define the word autonomy when it comes to ethical decision making?(Points : 1)4FOOD DESERTHaving the freedom to do whatever someone wants to doHaving limitations that prevent one from doing what one wants to doHaving the freedom to make decisions that align with ones desires, goals, and social contextBeing determined by fate to act in specific waysNone of the above

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