1. What are the advantages of workers’ compensation laws?

| August 31, 2016

1. What are the advantages of workers’ compensation laws? Are there any instances where an employer is not liable for an employee injured on the job?
2. If an employer is unable to comply with an OSHA standard, what alternative is available to the employer?
3. Tanya Gilbert and 12 of her co-workers were terminated by Asteroid Enterprises after signing union authorization forms. They claim that Asteroid’s action was antiunion and thus constituted an unfair labor practice. How would you advise Gilbert to proceed?
4. In Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii, Mexican workers with green cards are brought in for the harvesting of coffee beans. The workers are paid a commission per pound of beans picked. Can this be in violation of the FLSA?
5. Jupiter Jars is located in a small Midwestern town. Its factory workers have come to rely on overtime pay for subsistence. Due to a projection for slower growth in glass jar sales, Jupiter has eliminated overtime pay. Its employees are contemplating a lawsuit under ERISA. How would you advise them?

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