1.) Guidance Original Problem:

| October 14, 2019

I am hoping you would be able to help me with a few problems I am having. Can you tell me if I am doing these problems correct and/or let me know where I am performing the missed calculations? Also, can you help explain, define, and give examples of some of the key concepts? 1.) Guidance Original Problem: Mr. Smith is thinking of a number. Three times the number minus 12 equals 36. What is the number Mr. Smith is thinking of? Identify /Explain the Guess, Check, and Revise Problem Solving Strategy. Also, list the seven steps you take while using this strategy. Solve the problem What number was Mr. Smith thinking of? __________ Give Extra Help  Create two other word problems, like the one of above, to give the student/reader extra practice. Also, give the answer at the end of the problem. 2.) Guidance When graphing inequalities, like -4 > t, how do I know whether the circle is open or closed? Also, how do I know which way to shade down the number line? What does the shading represent? 3.) Guidance  Please graph, solve, and explain all steps taken for the following inequalities: a. 9 – x > 4 b. – 6 t < 12

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