1. Given the following facts prepare an estate plan for the Cooks.

| June 13, 2016

1. Given the following facts prepare an estate plan for the Cook’s. In explaining your plan include why you are making the decisions you are and the benefit of those decisions. Also, include any gifting and lifetime decisions you think they might need to make.

Bob and Sue Cook have an estate worth upwards of $16,000,000. Bob owns most of the assets because of his management work and Sue only brings in slight income due to her increased interests in charitable work. About $10,000,000 of the estate is in Bob’s name.

Bob is older than Sue and has two children from his previous marriage. He would like to make sure they are taken care of. Those kids are currently over 18. Sue and Bob have four children together, some natural and some adopted and of course want to be sure they are taken care of as well. They are all currently under the age of 10.

It is their belief that children should learn the value of hard work and so they don’t want their children to be spoiled little rich brats like those of celebrity kids. But they also want to be sure all of their needs of support and education are met.

They are private people and want to be sure the nosey people in their town don’t find out about how much money they have. Since they are travelers they want an estate plan that will work for them now and for years to come regardless of who dies first.

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