1. Examine the clients’ stated goals

| October 14, 2019

Your task is to:

1. Examine the clients’ stated goals and objectives for each of the following questions and issues they have raised and, after analysis, consider appropriate responses.

The questions and issues raised by the clients are important in the development of appropriate strategies you believe the clients should be considering. Those questions to which the clients require a specific response should be addressed in your SOA. All goals, issues and directions raised by the clients form the agreed scope of your advice to the Suttons.

2. Complete an SOA that incorporates, in a coordinated and communicative way, the strategies the clients should be adopting and suitable responses to each of the questions the clients want you to address. Your SOA should also conform to the content and structure of an SOA and its component parts as described in Topic 8 and the sample SOA.

The following questions and issues raised by Graham and Anna are designed as prompts to help you consider the key issues. A number of assumptions are required to be determined. These assumptions should be incorporated into your responses and the SOA.

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