1. Describe the operation of diverse and complex government

| May 16, 2019

1. Describe the operation of diverse and complex government and nongovernment project contractual arrangements relevant to a range of managed services, ICT, and build agreements 2. Analyse common arguments using logic, persuasion and influence factors as commonly applied to conflicting and/or competing stakeholder agendas 3. Differentiate methods of project negotiation, conflict management, and stakeholder engagement across projects consisting of differing technology standards and asset lifecycles 4. Explain and apply methods of identifying and reconciling inconsistent and conflicting objectives and drivers that develop, maintain, mange relationships and communication with key stakeholders 5. Explain the consequences of project delays, disruptions, and changes to planned activities and the methods for claims variations, liquidated damages, contract entitlements, and arbitration 6. Evaluate project management tools that help avoid or provide conflict resolution via negotiated solutions

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