1 2 3 Assignment Scenario Candie Cardigan has been asked to model CARDWAREs

| November 9, 2018

Assignment Scenario
Candie Cardigan has been asked to model CARDWARE’s newest
sweater line that is made of thin and yet warm material, called Naturally
There, as it can withstand temperatures of 30 below 0. Because this will
provide CARDWARE with good publicity of its newest clothing line, she agrees to
walk the runway in Fashion City. The modeling event is being held at the Easton
Hotel. Celebrities and those involved in the fashion industry will be in
attendance. Several models precede Candie and her debut of Naturally There. Clad
in a tasteful skirt, 4-inch high heels and a green Naturally There sweater,
Candie proceeds to the end of the runway. A small wrinkle in the carpet causes
Candie’s left shoe to get caught and she falls over the end of the runway onto
the row of judges. Unfortunately, Myra, a judge and world renowned model,
suffers a broken nose and cut to her face from one of Candie’s shoes.
Myra wants to bring a lawsuit based on negligence against
CARDWARE and Candie.
Assignment Instructions
You are the paralegal working for CARDWARE’s corporate counsel
and have been asked to draft a 2–3-page double-spaced memorandum to the CEO,
Casandra (Cassie) Cardigan and discuss the following:

The elements one must establish
to bring a cause of action based on negligence.

Potential defenses that
CARDWARE and Candie may use against Myra’s claim.
Checklist Before Submitting Your Assignment
Read the question and what is
being asked of you twice.
Review thechart
on negligence and the defenses.
Structure your Assignment in
memorandum form.
To: Candie Cardigan, CEO
From: [Your Name]
Re: Negligence Requirements and Potential Defenses To Myra’s

Organize your memorandum with
an introduction, body, and conclusion. Note: Your memorandum length
of 2–3 pages is separate from the cover sheet and reference page.

Keep all font color consistent
throughout. If a blue hyperlink appears, remove it by hovering over it and
right click. A vertical dropdown menu will appear. Click on Remove

Avoid the use of first person.

Provide in-text citations. If a
reference is listed in your reference page, make sure it is displayed within
your submission where you retrieved information from.

Provide hanging indents where

Double space throughout your
submission, including throughout your reference page. Note: This includes
between your references.

Your reference page should be
separate from the body of your submission.

Use Times New Roman size 12

Provide an APA formatted cover

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